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White sharks

The clear waters near the island of Guadalupe, Mexico provide perhaps the best opportunity to cage dive with white sharks, one of the top predators in the oceans.  During our time there we were able to film several of these magnificent creatures.  The largest, a female named Tzitzimitl, is truly impressive not just because of her nearly fifteen feet in length but by her massive girth.  Clearly identifiable by the large portion missing from her caudal fin she made numerous passes close to the cages while the other sharks most often kept their distance.

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White Sharks of Guadalupe

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Katyk BriceƱo
"Amazing!!! Beautiful!!" 
Daniel LaFrance  
"Beautiful, akin to an underwater spiritual experience of sorts."
Walter Marshall   
"Whenever I watch your videos I am just taken away." 
Shaun Diaz   
"Well done, very well done. Mysterious, gorgeous and deeply inspiring... The best part is I am not naming any of it. It is nature in its most perfect and beautiful form." 
Christie Lopez  
"David...the video is beautiful and so is the music!! I love the music!!!!" 
Brian Dodd
"I just wanted to thank you for the moments of peace and beauty these clips brought to my hectic life."