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  Royalty Free Music

It is important to know and understand the facts as well as some of the myths surrounding copyright law, creative works, and the internet.  Brad Templeton has published an article "10 Big Myths about copyright explained" which is available here:  http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html.


When I first started producing underwater videos I wanted to ensure that my creations were different from the works of other producers.  One way to ensure this was to use royalty free music.  If you are considering entering any of your creations into any of the numerous contests that are held each year for underwater videos one of the criteria is that you must own the complete rights to the production.  Now, even though it is called "free", there are costs associated with acquiring the rights to use these audio files.  A Google search for Royalty Free Music will return nearly 5 million results so there is no shortage of material available.  The problem is in the selection process since it is best to listen to the tracks before making your purchase which can be extremely time intensive.  Generally it is less expensive to buy an entire CD rather than just single tracks but I have yet to purchase a CD where I would want to use all of the available tracks.


Some of the music productions that I have used come from:

Gene Michaels Productions
Stock 20
Royalty Free Music
Audio Network


There are also software programs that will create a soundtrack of the desired length for your production.  SONY has a program called Cinescore and Smartsound has a program called SonicFire Pro.



Katyk BriceƱo
"Amazing!!! Beautiful!!" 
Daniel LaFrance  
"Beautiful, akin to an underwater spiritual experience of sorts."
Walter Marshall   
"Whenever I watch your videos I am just taken away." 
Shaun Diaz   
"Well done, very well done. Mysterious, gorgeous and deeply inspiring... The best part is I am not naming any of it. It is nature in its most perfect and beautiful form." 
Christie Lopez  
"David...the video is beautiful and so is the music!! I love the music!!!!" 
Brian Dodd
"I just wanted to thank you for the moments of peace and beauty these clips brought to my hectic life."